Welcome to the world of Branterra, a plane of existence created by the culmination of the dreams of the gods. Almost every race and creed can be found in some corner of Branterra.

Branterra is made up of a large main continent surrounded by three major islands. On the main landmass known as Falost, there are three major kingdoms. The western portion is controlled by the Elves and Fey; the middle lands are controlled by marauding barbarians; and the eastern portion is owned by the Magikai. The island to the west is called Edgetopia, and is a harsh and anarchic land ruled by Goblin tribal kings. The southwestern island is the island of Faeraqueue, which is controlled by the Humans. The southeastern island is the island of Torruga, the land of the Dwarves.

In this hodgepodge land of creatures and lore, many tensions rise as racial dominance runs rampant. To survive in the world of Branterra, one must always be prepared for the worst, and expect the unexpected.

Adventures in Branterra

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