General Rudolph Malark

General of the armies of West Haven, and right arm of the King Weston III


A large, hard, and weathered man with cold eyes and a piercing gaze. General Malark has been the trusted and loyal confidant to the king. It is said without Malark, the kingdom of the Humans would fall apart.


General Malark has always been more feared than King Weston, however he has never made an attempt to take control. It is said that he prefers to be the sword of the king than to be the ruler.

Whenever General Malark walks down the street, everyone bows out of fear or respect, for he has never seen defeat in battle, except against the Chymaron Elves.

Many have seen General Malark rounding up strangers to West Haven, and rumors have began to surface of expeditions to retrieve the Heart of Chymaron. No one would be so foolish as to question Malark himself as to the validity of these these rumors however, for he is the law in West Haven.

General Rudolph Malark

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