Branterra was created by the dreams of the Gods and Goddesses. In their eternal slumber, which mortals will never be able to understand, they dream of entire realms and planes of existence.

Branterra is made up of a main continental landmass with three major islands. The western island is known as Edgetopia, and is home to many nomadic tribes. The southwestern island is called, Faeraqueue and is owned almost exclusively by the Humans. The southeastern island is the island of Torruga, and is controlled mainly by Dwarves.

The main continent is divided into three sections: west, central and east. The western section is controlled by the Elf and Fey nations. The central lands are Midlands or Lost Lands. Many barbaric tribes lay claim to these lands. The eastern portion is referred to as Mage City, and is controlled by the Magikai.

Almost every creature known to exist within the realms can be found in Branterra. This diversity has been both a blessing and a curse to its people. For the last 200 years, the land has been torn apart by the Hemisphere War between the Humans and the Chymaron Elves. Also, the use of inebriroot has steadily increased across the plane.


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