A 200 year old war raging between the Elves and Humans. In the beginning, there was a battle between the Goblins and Elves and the Humans.

Whenever a Human is asked about the history of the war, they will say the Elves started it. Whenever the Elves and other longer living races are asked about the history of the war, they will say that the arrogance of the Humans started the war. Regardless of who started it, the war has taken quite a toll on the realm of Branterra.

Major battles of the war have caused many changes in the political boundaries of the land. The Elves used to live in a beautiful area with lush rivers and forests. Due to the terrible weaponry used by the Humans, however, that land has become dead and sour. People refer to it as the Chymaron Swamp. The Elves that live there have also been warped by the evil magic, and are now called the Chymaron Elves.

The Elves have also attacked in the war, driving the Humans back to less than half of their original land. In the beginning, the Humans controlled the Midlands; however, the Elves attacked, and with the help of a barbarian mercenary army, drove the Humans from the Midlands to the island of Faeraqueue.

It seems from the actions of both sides, the war will not end until either the Elves or the Humans are the last ones standing.


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